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25th Anniversary of the First There First Care Conference & Gathering of Eagles

“Unmasking the Future of EMS”

June 14th – June 18th, 2020

Conference Registration

Conference Presentations, Wednesday, June 16th

This Conference is South Florida’s premier EMS conference reaching paramedics, EMTs, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals from South Florida and beyond!

The First There First Care – Gathering of Eagles EMS Conference explores health and safety topics for the EMS Providers and Emergency Department personnel. This year’s theme is “Unmask the Future of EMS.”

Each year our emergency medical service personnel and emergency nurses face new and more challenging situations. Recent events remind us that our skills must remain sharp and focused.

For the past two decades, The First There First Care team has brought the latest trends and techniques to pre-hospital EMS and emergency department nurses with CEU’s awarded.

We commend each one of you for taking this opportunity to advance your training and education.

 “Leadership Within”

Keynote:  Jeffrey Kirby, Command Master Chief at United States Naval Academy

Master Chief Kirby has helped to chart the course for tomorrow’s US Navy Leadership as the Command Master Chief at the US Naval Academy. Master Chief Kirby has been a positive and exemplary influence on the leadership of today’s officer and enlisted ranks throughout the US Navy.

MCI- Dispatch to Discharge and Beyond

“Life breeds chaos – – Habit breeds order”

Kevin Menes MD, Robert Ramirez EMT-P, Candace Pineda BSN, RN, TCRN,

Chaplin Ronald Perkins; moderator Paul Pepe MD, MPH

This group presentation and interactive panel will help the audience to gain a better perspective of the latest evolving thoughts about managing MCIs in the current era and recommend proposed best-practice strategies and tactics, not only for scene management and triage but also enhanced coordination and planning with law enforcement, transportation entities and secondary triage and treatment at receiving hospitals. The panel will also take a holistic approach to MCI planning as an event that has 3 main phases in a continuum, starting with dispatch and communications and initial scene management and extending to receiving facilities and family reunification locations, as well as the long term psychological impact on victims, families, witnesses and, of course, the rescuers both in the field and in hospital.  This group of experts will provide suggestions for chaos strategies and tactics, damage control resuscitation, and the need for planning and training, for such incidents in the current era.  

Florida Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Class

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the current, evidence-based information and tools necessary to accurately identify and report known or suspected instances of human trafficking in the state of Florida. 

Participants will review the types, venues, and dynamics of human trafficking in the United States and Florida.  The presentation will describe the impacts of human trafficking in the United States and Florida and will help to recognize risk factors, warning signs, and indicators of human trafficking that may be observed in adults and minors in healthcare settings and more.

This course fulfills the Florida Board of Nursing CEU requirement for 2 hours on human trafficking and needs to be taken for each renewal.

Theater of War Productions

Theater of War for Frontline is an innovative project—developed by Theater of War Productions, the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, and the Johns Hopkins Program in Arts, Humanities & Health—that presents dramatic readings by acclaimed actors of scenes from ancient Greek plays for audiences of frontline medical professionals to open up a powerful dialogue about difficult subjects, fostering a sense of connection and promoting health-seeking behavior. By presenting ancient plays to doctors, nurses, EMTs, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare providers about emotionally-charged, ethically-complex situations, Theater of War Frontline aims to create a brave space for open, candid dialogue and reflection, fostering compassion, a renewed sense of community, and positive action.

Over the past decade, Theater of War Productions has honed its method and approach, through more than a thousand performances in medical and military settings, utilizing the power of the arts and humanities to dissolve hierarchies and generate a shared vocabulary for professional audiences to discuss stigmatized subjects. It is precisely because Theater of War Frontline does not feel like medicine that it is an effective intervention for medical professionals, who are often reluctant to express vulnerability, acknowledge error, or seek resources or help. Theater War Frontline presents a healthy alternative to standard medical debriefings and offers a dynamic way for clinicians to step back from their professional roles, bear witness to their own experiences, and come together as a community—without having to narrate their trauma—by discussing and interpreting empowering online performances of ancient plays.

Please have all attendees’ names, phone numbers, and medical license numbers before attempting to register to prevent being timed out of the registration process.

Please include the letters before the license numbers with space between to ensure proper CEU/CME credit (i.e., PMD 1234, RN 1234; MD 1234).

Conference Registration