25th Anniversary of the First There First Care Conference & Gathering of Eagles

June 13th – June 17th, 2022

Preconference Session Information

Course descriptions for Pre-Conference Courses

June 14, 2021

Florida Resuscitation Academy
Hosted by Chief Jorge Gonzalez & The Florida Resuscitation Academy
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The EMS report cards for VF witnessed cardiac arrest survival are in, and the results for most communities in the United States are dismal. Many large U.S. cities average less than 10%. Yet, there is hope. Seattle and King County, Washington report over 60% survival; among the highest in the world. Why is this? What can your community do to improve?

This one (1) day training is designed to help EMS managers and directors improve cardiac arrest survival in their communities. Join the leaders for a course that will transform the way you think about how EMS manages cardiac arrests.

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June 14th, 2021 – 08:00 hrs. – 17:00 hrs.

Resuscitation Academy

Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) Prep Course 
This is a two (2) day course on June 14, 2021, and June 15, 2021. Participants must attend both days.

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This comprehensive CEN exam preparation course offers the latest information and trends in emergency room nursing. An in-depth review of systems and refresher on current practices will prepare you for success by not just reviewing key points, but also reinforcing them.

June 14th – 0900 – 1700     &     June 15th – 0900 – 1700

CEN Course

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 

Easy 12 Lead ECG Interpretation

Presented by Fire Chief Rodney Turpel

A simple and systematic approach to analyzing 12 lead ECGs

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This interactive course is intended for those physicians, nurses, and paramedics who are interested in sharpening their ECG interpretation skills.  At times, overreliance on computer interpretations, on-line experts, and today’s advanced technology could lead to complacency in reading ECGs.  This class will simplify ECG interpretation and the participants will be taught rapid interpretation techniques through a simple step-based method for both ECGs and 12-Lead ECGs.
Dynamic Airway Lab

Presented by Mike Estreicher MD & Hector Roman EMT-P

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This 3-hour advanced airway course is designed specifically for prehospital providers and includes a combination of didactics and state-of-the-art simulation. A systematic and standardized approach will enhance the provider’s comfort and skills in managing airways in the field.

Course Features:

  • Interactive lecture and discussions
  • Hands-on practice using real-life scenarios, advanced simulation manikins, and airway equipment
  • A critical review of airway management, pitfalls, and proper technique to build confidence and enhance decision-making skills
Damage Control Resuscitation (DCR)

Modern Trauma Care beyond the battlefield and adapted for civilian EMS

Presented by Randy Katz DO. & Justin Parrinello EMT-P

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New paradigms in the treatment of hemostatic resuscitation have fundamentally redefined the management of catastrophic blood loss. Copious data and outcome studies in DCR continue to refine the principles of resuscitation and effective resuscitation practices. This course will provide a simple and systematic approach to trauma management in the field and in the ER.
Leadership in EMS

Presented by Stephen Shaw CFO, MBA, RN

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The need for leadership in EMS has never been greater. The recent pandemic reinforced and reminded the world of our platform as influencers. This need is further warranted as our profession continues to evolve to include mobile integrated healthcare, community paramedicine, and numerous advances in technology. We must not stumble into leadership – we must be intentional about leading into the future.

This fast-paced, interactive, and high-energy presentation that starts with a focus on perspective and takes a journey through the traits of a leader. Through didactic questioning and many short group activities, the class is reminded of the current landscape of emergency medicine and its role in our exciting future.

Invasive Cardiac Care & Cardiac Devices Training

Presented by Erin August RN, BSN, Laura Ann Coyle MSN, ACNP-BC, Pamela Brennan RN, BSN, Lori Anderson MSN, ANP, Mark Puhlman MSN, ANP

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LVAD and Temporary Mechanical Circulatory Support specialists from around the U.S. present didactic and scenario-based education on durable and temporary devices that cardiac patients may have. This 90-minute program will provide tips for assessment, recognition of devices, and safe transport. Attendees will participate in active real-world scenarios and gain access to tools that help pre-hospital clinicians quickly evaluate and treat emergency situations.

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 

The Handtevy Prehospital Pediatric Instructor Course
Presented by Peter Antevy MD

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The Handtevy Prehospital Pediatric Instructor Course is a hands-on, interactive “train-the-trainer” class.  You will earn a 2-year certification to teach the CAPCE and CAMTS accredited Handtevy Prehospital Pediatric Provider Course to crews at your own department or ER. The course focuses on the skills needed to rapidly and accurately, treat the sick and injured pediatric patient and is intended to be used with the Handtevy Pediatric System.
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