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June 10-14 2024 SAVE THE DATE!

June 12 – 16, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood, FL 33314

The Right Stuff

In 1960 President John F. Kennedy declared the United States would put a man on the moon before the end of the decade.  As America geared up to enter the space race, the newly created space agency, NASA, selected seven candidates to serve as America’s first astronauts.  This group of seven was identified in the media as “having the right stuff.”

Not only did they have education, training, and the correct skill sets, they had determination, dedication, and the competitive spirit required to win the space race.

In some ways, EMS is very similar.  To be successful you must not only be well educated and trained, you must maintain a unique set of skills, and the mindset to overcome obstacles and achieve preset goals.

Among the thousands of well skilled EMS providers are a select few who are willing to push themselves to the absolute limits, to go far beyond the acceptable standard, and excel in an environment where mediocrity has no place.  These paramedics, nurses, and firefighters are part of an elite group of competitors who engage in the ALS, Nursing, and Honor Guard competitions at the First There First Care & Gathering of Eagles conference.

On the Sunday before the conference Competition teams from all over the Country compete, head to head, in the Chief Michael Haygood ALS Competition preliminaries. Competitors test their mettle in the most extreme and demanding, EMS related scenarios. The top teams then compete, on opening day, in the finals.

Simultaneously, teams of ED nurses engage in similar situations, pushing their knowledge and skills far beyond those of mere mortals, in the K2 Nursing Competition; the only one of its kind the Country.

This year FTFC & GEO is adding an Honor Guard competition.  The Honor Guard is often the flagship for a department.  They represent the ultimate in professionalism, protocols, and pride. Honor Guard teams from across the Country are invited to participate in this year’s inaugural event.

Do you have what it takes? Can your team compete with the best of the best?  Show us your mettle.  Visit for rules and an application to put your team at the forefront.  Sign up today and show the EMS world that you have “The Right Stuff.”

An event not to be missed

While there’s only so much room for competitors, there’s plenty of room for spectators. ALS finals, K2 Nursing, and Honor Guard competitions are open for spectators. There’s no better way to get on top of your game then by watching how others do it. Check the schedule on the website for times and locations.