Living the Dream in EMS

Smiling nurse picture ems professional

A paramedic walks into a bar, greets another paramedic sitting at a table by saying, “How’s it going?” The second medic responds with, “Living the dream.” While this response has become a standard in our vernacular do we really know what it means to “Live the dream?” As EMS professionals we have become focused on […]

Toxic Leadership: Navigating the Maelstrom

Angry boss slamming hand on table article about toxic leadership

(Author’s note: The author is not a psychologist. The information contained within this blog is a collaboration of research and sourced from journal articles by recognized authorities on the subject matter.) Leadership is a key component to delivering effective prehospital emergency services (EMS). However, like any profession, EMS is not immune to the presence of […]

Embracing Teamwork in Emergency Medical Services

emergency medical service providers using teamwork on patient

In his Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, published in 1786, Thomas Reid wrote, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Very few industries embrace “The Team” concept like EMS and the fire service. Because EMS professionals routinely operate in high-stakes, unpredictable environments the coordinated efforts of Paramedics, EMTs, and other […]

Shift Fatigue: It doesn’t have to be part of the job

Shift Fatigue showing tired man

Since the beginning of recorded time, both plant and animal life, on Earth, has been affected by the daily cycles of light and dark. Almost all biological life forms become active in daylight, and dormant or less active in darkness. Humans are well entrenched in that daily cycle; unless you are a shift worker. All […]

Becoming an EMS Instructor: Inspiring the Next Generation of Lifesavers

Young man at library learning about becoming an EMS Instructor

The ability to teach a skill, craft, or concept is considered the ultimate mastery of that subject. EMS instructors not only represent the pinnacle of those in the industry but play a critical role in shaping the future of the profession. Becoming an EMS instructor is both a natural progression for experienced EMS providers and […]

Traits of a Successful Healthcare Leader

Be a leader not a boss, ems leader with sign

A successful career in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) or nursing presents many challenges. And more often than not, facing those challenges brings about tremendous satisfaction. Without question, one of the greatest challenges in anyone’s career is accepting the responsibility to lead. Assuming a leading role in EMS or nursing presents both challenges and triumphs, but […]

What injuries can ruin, Exercise can prevent..

EMS Injuries picture of man working out

In our previous installment we discussed the effects physical and emotional stress can have on someone’s EMS career. More often than we care to discuss, promising careers are sadly cut short due to injury. There is little debate that regular exercise prepares you for the demands presented by EMS work and significantly reduces the risk […]

Today’s EMS System: Unique Challenges and Creative Solutions

EMS Challenges man pushing stone uphill

For most patients Emergency Medical Services (EMS) represents the primary entry point into the emergency healthcare system. It is the tip of the spear not only for emergencies but often for definitive or community healthcare. EMS has become the essential link between the community and healthcare services at all levels. The indispensable role EMS fulfills […]

The Right Stuff

ALS Competitions picture of nurses working on patients

In 1960 President John F. Kennedy declared the United States would put a man on the moon before the end of the decade.  As America geared up to enter the space race, the newly created space agency, NASA, selected seven candidates to serve as America’s first astronauts.  This group of seven was identified in the […]

Are you Okay? Recognizing and Navigating the Stresses of EMS

Stresses of EMS man sitting looking stressed

There was a time, in the fire service, when the philosophy was, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the Firehouse.” Half a century later we’ve come to realize that philosophy was seriously flawed. Being an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professional is a career which can bring many rewards. However, the nature of […]