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June 10-14 2024 SAVE THE DATE!

June 12 – 16, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood, FL 33314

Conference Offerings


Monday, June 12th, 2023
FTFC Pre-Conference Workshop

Resuscitation Academy
Moderator: Dan Moran, Assistant Chief, Davie Fire Rescue

The EMS report cards for V.F. witnessed cardiac arrest survival are in, and the results for most communities in the United States are dismal. Many large U.S. cities average less than 10%. Yet, there is hope. Seattle and King County, Washington, report over 60% survival, among the highest in the world. Why is this? What can your community do to improve?
This one (1) day training is designed to help EMS managers, medical directors, and frontline personnel improve cardiac arrest survival in their communities. Join the leaders for a course that will transform how you think about how EMS manages cardiac arrests.

Cadaver Lab
Presenter: Teleflex Clinical Staff
1825 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, FL 33004.

The purpose of this session, presented by Teleflex, is to provide a unique opportunity to review relevant anatomy associated with critical care and lifesaving emergency procedures. Participants will enhance their understanding of the various procedures and the associated risks and benefits through the hands on practicum. The relevant review of the anatomy will include airway, chest cavity, and vascular access landmarks. Key opinion leaders, nationally known EMS medical directors, and emergency medical services providers will serve as faculty for this program.
Under expert instruction, participants will have the opportunity to practice the following procedural skills: basic airway management, direct laryngoscope intubation, intraosseous access, hemorrhage control, and various other prehospital emergency procedures. The participants will have the opportunity for anatomical exploration as it relates to these procedures, providing a unique appreciation of the anatomy and the impact of the disease process. An analysis of the unnecessary risk and the potential for complications when these procedures are performed in suboptimal conditions will be explored.

FTFC Pre-Conference Symposiums

Community Paramedic/Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) Symposium

Agenda 2023 – CP-MIH

Moderator: Lauren Young Work, Medical Social Work, and MIH Coordinator, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

This MIH/CP Symposium will facilitate industry leaders and speakers on topics, including the CP/MIH professional development/education planning, protocol best practices, case management software, data collection strategies, and performance metrics, and a discussion of funding/grant resources. CP-MIH programs with unique approaches to delivering access to care will present their models in a panel discussion. By offering insight into new, growing, and flourishing programs all within one symposium, all agencies and attendees will have a more remarkable ability to envision CP/MIH innovation in program development, community risk reduction, program management, logistical models, and payer strategies that are appropriate for their agency size, budget, and organizational model.

Health and Wellness Symposium

Agenda 2023 – Health Wellness Symposium

Moderator: Chief Chantal Botting, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

The Health and Wellness Symposium will bring clinicians, researchers, stakeholders, and personnel to discuss Behavioral Health in first responders, proactive approaches, innovative strategies to address issues and review best practices for peer program design and development. Join Faculty from Boulder Crest, Active Recovery (an IAFF partner), UCF Restores, Nova University, and more to discuss programs, tools, and resources. Jason Patton of Firefighter Chronicles will kick off the sessions with his presentation on “How to Hug 101.”


FTFC Conference Workshops
Tuesday June 13th , 2023

Tactical and Medical Response to Active Shooter Hostile Events
Lead Presenter: A. Brotons, EMT-P
The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine -Michael S. Gordon Center

This delivery is a 4-hour abbreviated course for fire rescue, law enforcement officers, and other medical and non-medically trained first responders on the tactical and medical care interventions that can save injured civilians’ and responders’ lives. The course incorporates the latest practices from military and SWAT/tactical medics, local law enforcement agency protocols, and scenario- and simulation-based, hands-on training exercises into this review of response best practices.

FTFC Conference Workshop
Wednesday June 14th , 2023

Bleeding Control and Vascular Lab

Presenter: Teleflex Clinical Staff

This hands-on training program reviews clinical research and case studies relating to vascular access. This presentation examines vascular access options for patients with both urgent and emergent access needs. Attendees will be provided training on intraosseous vascular access and hemostatic dressing utilization techniques. We will also review the literature supporting intraosseous access as a bridge to definitive vascular access1,2. In addition, a review of device selection, insertion, and use will also be completed to aid bedside providers in clinical decision-making and insertion skills. Skills learned include ultrasound vein assessment and needling, and I.O. access.

Course Objectives:

  • Review research and evidence-based practice outcomes related to intraosseous (IO) vascular access
  • Verbalize indications and contraindications for products reviewed
  • Review anatomical characteristics and locations for insertion
  • Outline device options for vascular access in emergent, urgent, and medically necessary situations.

Workshop Stations:

  • Intraosseous Vascular Access
  • Insertion Review with Simulation and Anatomical Ultrasound Assessment
  • Management of Uncontrolled Bleeding
  • Vascular Access Care and Maintenance

FTFC Conference Workshops
Tuesday & Wednesday, June 13th & 14th, 2023

Airway Management Principles and Practices
Lead Presenter: Ivette Motola, MD
The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine -Michael S. Gordon Center

This 1.5 -hour advanced airway course uses case-based, hands-on skills training and simulation to teach providers to effectively recognize, evaluate, and manage patients with airway emergencies and respiratory distress. With a focus on the goal of adequate oxygenation and ventilation for airway patients, there are skills stations for good bag-mask ventilation, capnography interpretation, supraglottic devices, endotracheal intubation, surgical airways, as well as non-invasive ventilation and special situations. It is appropriate for new and experienced providers.

Course Features:
• Interactive lectures and discussions
• Hands-on practice using simulation scenarios, advanced simulation manikins, and airway equipment
• A critical review of airway management, pitfalls, and proper technique to build confidence and enhance decision-making skills

Advanced Trauma: Blood, Guts, and Glory
Presented by Broward Trauma Centers Clinical Staff, Sponsored by Henry Schein

Advanced Trauma Workshop is a dynamic course designed to enhance the quality of trauma care in the field and decrease mortality. The curriculum is based on prehospital trauma life support (PHTLS) and advanced trauma life support (ATLS) programs, stressing the treatment and transport of multi-system trauma patients.

Each session will have rotating hands-on skills stations for trauma assessment, patient management, and scenarios with high-fidelity manikins. This is designed for paramedics, EMTs, physicians, and nurses involved in the initial management of injured patients

Workshop sessions may include:
• Airway challenges and emergent surgical airway management
• Ballistic wound packing lab and bleeding control techniques
• Chest decompression and lung lab
• Interventions for vascular access, fluid management, and permissive hypotension

Capnography – More Than Just Numbers
Presenter: Don Guillette, EMT-P, Owner, Capnography Capstone

Capnography is monitoring the concentration or partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO₂) in respiratory gases. This integral tool can assist the clinician with in-depth patient assessment. Participants will learn the following during this interactive didactic and skills session:
• Identify information/trends from breath-to-breath
• Verification of E.T. tube placement and continuous monitoring of tube position
• Effectiveness of cardiac compressions and an indication of ROSC
• The ability to monitor low-perfusion states
• Recognize how it can assist with differential diagnoses for many respiratory issues
• “Sick vs. Non-sick” patient

Mastering the ECG
A simple and systematic approach to analyzing 12 lead ECGs
Presenter: Thomas Bouthillet, Battalion Chief (Ret.) 

This interactive course is intended for physicians, nurses, and paramedics interested in sharpening their ECG interpretation skills. At times, over-reliance on computer interpretations, online experts, and today’s advanced technology could lead to complacency in reading ECGs. This class will simplify ECG interpretation, and the participants will be taught rapid interpretation techniques through a simple step-based method for both ECGs and 12-Lead ECGs.

FTFC Conference Lecture Sessions
Tuesday June 13th, 2023

Rethinking the ABCs of Pediatric Emergencies

Presenter: Mark F. Piehl, MD

Trauma and respiratory arrest are the leading causes of death in children, and EMS professionals are usually the first healthcare providers to encounter these pediatric ill and injured patients. This session will use a case-based approach to help participants understand the management priorities in the early minutes of care. Topics will include airway management, vascular access, and resuscitation with an emphasis on whole blood. Effective on-scene interventions can help improve historically low survival rates in pediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Join Dr. Mark Piehl as he reviews effective strategies for strengthening prehospital pediatric cardiac arrest care and examines the evidence behind the updated PALS 2020 recommendations.

Pediatric Cardiac Arrest! Making the Most out of Your Time and Treatment to Increase Success

Presenter: Shaun Fix, EMT-P

This program is hard-hitting, high-energy, and graphic. A real-life look at “running a peds code” – This seminar is designed for any medical professional involved in the care of children. The program begins with a review of the pediatric arrest physiology and stresses appropriate BLS management, followed by necessary and proper primary and advanced life support. Using live footage and emphasizing the natural treatment of the arrested child, our goal is to help reduce anxiety in participants and make them feel more comfortable with performing skills and expected understanding outcomes in the pediatric code situation.

Emergency Medical Service and Fire Rescue Frontline Supervisor Leadership

Moderator: Yvonne Feijoo, MPA EMT-P

EMS Officers, Crew Chiefs, and Supervisors must be able to direct, communicate and lead teams effectively. The series of short, impactful presentations will empower personnel with tools and resources to communicate effectively, manage significant scale incidents, manage crew resource management and team building, Ems documentation and legal pitfalls to avoid, and consider professional development pathways as they rise through their organizations.

FTFC Conference Lecture Sessions
Wednesday June 14th, 2023

Trauma Skills Cadaver Lab
Arthur Berg, DO
 Abbasali Badami, MBBS, FICS
 SFC Skyler D. Cowhig Combat Medic Specialist United States Army
1825 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, FL 33004.

This is an advanced hands-on Trauma Skills Lab with 3 different stations. Over an hour and a half students will become more proficient and confident with advanced life saving skills and gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology in the emergency setting.

Station 1- Airway Management

  • Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system
  • Ventilation and BLS interventions.
  • Direct and VL endotracheal intubation
  • PEEP and lung compliance
  • Tips and tricks for success.

Station 2- Vascular Access

  • Anatomy and physiology of the vascular system.
  • Proper anatomical land markings for the various IO insertion sites.
  • Indication and contraindications of IO access in the Hospital and Prehospital setting.
  • Intraosseous vascular cannulation


Station 3- Gross Anatomy/Invasive Interventions

  • Anatomy review
  • Hemorrhage control
  • Finger Thoracotomy
  • Surgical Airway
  • Needle Decompression

Meet the EAGLES: Special Round Table

Presenter: Dr. Paul Pepe and Eagles Faculty

Join the Eagles for a lightning round of a variety of the latest healthcare hot topics, innovation, and technology applications to improve outcomes.
This 1.5-hour session will give you a sneak peek of the world-renowned Gathering of Eagles Conference that will be held Thursday and Friday, June 15-16th, 2023.

Intubation vs. IGel – Prehospital Airway Management

Presenter: Steven Katz, MD

Dr. Katz will present a study of the impact on survival of intubation vs. IGel at Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue.

Ultrasound Use During Cardiac Arrest

Presenter: John Wendell, MD, Medical Director Anne Arundel County Fire Rescue

Dr. Wendell will present on the use of ultrasound during cardiac arrest in his agency.

Essential Skills: Power of YES and . . .

Presenter: Eric Chase, PMD

This session is a unique way of engaging EMS clinicians when dealing with their patients, their colleagues, and the emotional challenges that the profession brings. The presentation will give the attendees a framework for improved creativity, inclusion, and acceptance. When intentional about accepting other thoughts and ideas, even without an agreement, we allow for personal and professional growth. The benefits of using the techniques presented will translate to patient care, peer-to-peer conversations, and accountability conversations. We will work to enhance the affective or soft skills required in EMS and healthcare. We prefer to call them Essential Skills. This interactive presentation requests collaboration and engagement from those in attendance. It will be a positive and psychologically safe environment

Healthcare Provider Specialty Tracks
Tuesday & Wednesday, June 13th & 14th, 2023

Emergency Nursing Symposium
Nursing Symposium

Moderator: Kelly Keys, MSN, R.N.

The First There First Care Emergency Nursing Symposium will present a variety of viewpoints in nursing practice. This Conference provides an excellent opportunity for all nursing professionals to learn about current trends. Distinguished speakers, academicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals from across the U.S. will present outstanding topics that inform and educate today’s nurse

Leadership Symposium
Leadership Symposium

Stephen Shaw CFO, MBA, R.N., Assistant Chief, Ft. Lauderdale Fire Rescue
Steven Carter, Division Chief, Sunrise Fire Rescue
Candace Pineda, MBA, BSN, Administrative Director, Memorial Regional Trauma Center

Vision: To present an annual professional development symposium facilitated by subject matter experts, educators, and influencers from the fields of fire rescue and the healthcare industry, focused on today’s relevant topics and challenges that we, as leaders, must navigate.
This dynamic, interactive 2-day format allows the attendee the space for personal self-assessment and reflection, builds a valuable contact network, provides opportunities for individual growth, and presents tools and resources to enhance their leadership capabilities.
Focus Areas: Growth mindset, communication, conflict resolution, innovation, diversity, data, policy, legal, management, and leadership skills.
Audience: Fire rescue personnel who are upwardly mobile in their organization, directors, C-suite executives, frontline supervisors, organizational leaders, and any member in the fields of fire rescue, the first responder or first receiver community, or other allied health care setting who wishes to influence and further develop their leadership and management abilities positively.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

Handtevy Pre-Hospital Pediatric Instructor Course
Raymond Proa PMD

The Handtevy Prehospital Pediatric Instructor Course is a hands-on, interactive “train-the-trainer” class. You will earn a 2-year certification to teach the CAPCE and CAMTS accredited Handtevy Prehospital Pediatric Provider Course to crews at your department or E.R. The course focuses on the skills needed to rapidly and accurately treat the sick and injured pediatric patient and is intended to be used with the Handtevy Pediatric System.

Thursday, June 15th, 2023

Advanced Burn Life Support

Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) program provides knowledge for immediate care of the burn patient up to the first 24 hours post-injury.