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June 10-14 2024 SAVE THE DATE!

June 12 – 16, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood, FL 33314

Rules and Regulations

Agreement: Each exhibitor agrees to abide by these rules and regulations. Any and all matters or questions not specifically covered by the rules and regulations shall be subject solely to the decision of First There First Care Conference Committee.

Limitations of Liability: Exhibitors agree to release and hold forever harmless First There First Care Conference from any and all claims based upon, arising out of, or in connection with exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the trade show premises, including, but not limited to: loss, theft, damage, destruction, delay or non-delivery of goods, display materials and other effects; any injury to exhibitor or its employees, agents, representatives or guests while on the trade show premises; any damage to exhibitor’s business by reason of failure to provide space for the exhibit or removal of exhibit; and failure to hold the trade show for any reason as scheduled. Exhibitor agrees to hold forever harmless First There First Care Conference, Fire Chiefs’ Association of Broward Inc., from any and all damage, loss, liability, claim or expense.

Displays: First There First Care Conference will abide by IAEE’s Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations . A link to the IAEE for the guidelines is available through our website.

Booth Occupancy: Exhibitors are expected to staff and maintain a presence during all operating hours of the conference.

Rejected Displays: First There First Care Conference reserves the right to reject, eject or prohibit any exhibit in whole or in part, or any exhibitor or representatives, with or without giving cause. Liability shall not exceed the return to the exhibitor of the booth space rental fee.

Move-In and Move-Out: First There First Care Conference and the official show contractor will maintain control and have priority at the loading areas at all times.

Relocation of Exhibits: First There First Care Conference reserves the right to alter locations of booths or vehicle spaces and retains absolute discretion and authority in the placement of all trade displays.

Professionalism: Each exhibitor is expected to act in a professional and courteous manner and to respect the rights of fellow exhibitors. Handling display samples, literature or taking photographs of another exhibitor’s display may be done only with the permission of that exhibitor.

Unoccupied Space: Exhibitors who fail to occupy their exhibit space by the close of the exhibition installation time will forfeit the space.

Resort and Spa: Exhibitors must abide by all the rules and regulations of the host hotel and convention center.

Decorations: Loud music/entertainment is not acceptable if it interferes with the activities of surrounding booths. Displays should not block other booths or go beyond your booth’s boundaries. First There First Care Conference retains absolute discretion and authority in the arrangement and appearance of all trade displays. No helium balloons are allowed

Vehicle Displays: Vehicle space must contain a vehicle. The primary purpose of the vehicle space must be to display either a vehicle or equipment/accessories used in the vehicle. Vehicle spaces containing a vehicle for the purpose of displaying/merchandising non-vehicle items are considered regular retail booth spaces and the regular booth registration rates apply.

Fire Prevention Regulations: All fire, safety and building regulations of the host hotel and convention center must be strictly followed.

Security: Security service will be provided 24 hours per day in the exhibit area. Exhibitors understand and agree that neither First There First Care Conference nor the owners, lessors or managers of the property serving as the exhibit center can or will be responsible for the safety of the exhibits, exhibitors or their employees against robbery, burglary, theft, loss or damage to property by fire or any other cause; nor be responsible for injury of any type to any person.

Exhibitor Theft, Loss, or Damage: First There First Care Conference is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to exhibitors, displays or property. Don’t leave valuables unattended during show hours. Please plan to cover tables with sheets or tarps and to secure small items for safe keeping after hours.

Exhibitor Liability: Exhibitors are responsible for damage they cause to the building, floors, walls, columns, furnished booth equipment or to other exhibitor’s property.

Display Material Removal: Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of all materials at the end of the conference. Material left on the exhibit floor after the show is over will be considered trash and will not be stored.